A Few Software Features

Supports Touch Screen Entry Orders.
Supports Keyboard/Mouse Entry Orders.
Supports Counter Service, Dine In, Take Out, Drive Thru, Delivery, Phone In and Fine Dinning.

Supports Server Bank, Delivery Driver Bank and Multiple Cashier Stations.

Supports Both Food and Bar

Supports Barcode Scanning of retail items

Supports Pizza ordering with modifier charge based on Pizza size.

Comes with the Bar Menu Fully Populated with over 1700 mixed Drinks.

Complete Table Management for Hostess Station

Busboy Screen for marking Tables Cleaned and Ready.

Quick and easy interface for creating your own table maps and adding tables.

Allows Delivery Driver Assignment

Retrieves delivery directions and maps from the internet, saves them to customer data and prints direction on the delivery order (Click here to learn more about this feature) Not available in all areas.

Allows Charge for Delivery and Driver Payment For Delivery.

Allows Delivery Driver Cash Drop
Contains An Employee Time Clock That Tracks both hours and

Allows adding a charge for modifiers

Allows Happy Hour Pricing for any Item

Allows Happy Hour Pricing up to 3 time a day.

Allows different Happy Hour Time triggers all 7 days.
Allows The Creation Of a Custom Sides List With Custom Pricing For Any Side Item.
Supports Discounts For Any Order.
 Allows Servers to Create Tables and Process Items Belonging to the Tables.
Allows Servers to Split Tickets.
Allows Servers to Split items.
Supports Removing of items from Tickets (Password Required).
Supports Removing of Tables (Password Required).
Supports Comping of Items (Password Required).
Allows Servers to Accept Cash, Credit Cards, Gift Card or Checks for Payment.
Allows Servers to Print and Reprint customer receipts.
Allows Servers to Print and Reprint Kitchen tickets.
Print or View Sales report for any Period of time (5 min increments).
Prints Food Cost Reports. Shows Exact Item Cost right down to the 100th ounce of Ketchup.
Prints Reports Showing Daily Sales, Monthly Sales, Yearly Sales

Supports Manager Adjustment of Server Cash Out.
Supports Gift Certificates.
Supports Coupons.
Prints Server Sales and Tips Report Used in Server Cash Out.
Allows Automatic Reorder of Vendor Products Based On Defined Reorder Levels.
Allows Data File Information To Be Accessed By Browsing, Reporting, and Filtering.
Includes a Robust Inventory Management System, With Cycle Counting, Inventory Snap Shot Support.
Easy to use Train your server in 10 minutes.

 Automatically reduces inventory as orders are processed, you always have an exact inventory.


And More