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  • Select Games by Number or Team Names
    • Shows time changes
    • Shows games that have already gone
    • With the optional Live Update lines are automatically updated
  • Record Readback
    • Settle disputes quickly- The readback of all plays are recorded (optional) and automatically linked to the individual play. If there is ever a question or dispute just click the link and the recording will automatically be played.
  • Action Points ( the newest way to play a game)

    An Action Point wager allows a player to place a bet on how many points his/her selected team will beat the spread by up to a set cap. You can choose your own cap between 1 and 15 points on Pro-Football games. You choose how much you wish to bet per action point. When you place an action point wager, no money is deducted from your account, but your maximum loss potential is restricted from your account until the game is final.

    You win the dollar amount wagered for each point the team covers by up to the selected cap. You lose 1.1 x (dollar amount wagered) for each point your team does not cover by up to the selected cap.

    Here is a typical payoff chart:

    Team A is -7.
    You choose a cap of 10 points. Wager amount is 10 dollars per point. The amount restricted is 110 dollars.

    Team A Wins By 1 2 3 4 5 6
    You Win/Lose -66 -55 -44 -33 -22 -11
    Team A Wins By 7 8 9 10 11 12
    You Win/Lose 0 +10 +20 +30 +40 +50

    As you can see above, Team A winning by 17, you still only win $100 because of your cap and below Team A losing by 3 you still only lose $110.
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