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Frequently Asked Questions
'Gift Master - The Best software available in the world to
track Gift Cards on your PC'


Do I have to use a plastic (credit Card Type) Gift Card with Gift Master?
No! Use any type of card you want. The plastic cards have a magnetic strip on the back that allows you to swipe the card rather than typing in a card number saving time at the POS and eliminating errors. Plastic Cards also have a higher perceived value than paper or card card stock Gift Cards. Click Here for sample Gift Cards used by some of the large retail and chain restaurants.

Can the plastic Gift Cards have a predetermined value printed on them?
Yes! You can have the cards printed with a face value of say $25.00 but we have found its better not to have the value printed on the card that way you can sell the exact same card in different denominations. Remember that Gift Master will activate the card in any amount you want.

Will Gift Master ever produce an apple version?
No! Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of personal computer are based on the IBM architecture with a Windows operating system.

I have a POS system at my checkout and a back office computer. Can I install Gift Master on both computers?
Yes! You can from the config screen simply change the directory of the data file to point to the directory on your back office computer. Obviously you will need the 2 computer networked. You will also need to purchase an activation code for each computer the software is installed on.

How long can I run the trial version for free?
After installation Gift Master will run a full 30 days after which you will need to purchase an activation code to continue using the program. When you enter the activation code all your data will remain intact. There is no need to reinstall the software.