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 Gift Master Screens
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Main operating screen.
This screen provides you with the interface for entering the card number. The card number may be entered by keyboard input, touch screen input or by swiping the card thru a card reader. Once the card number has been entered the program looks in the data file to make sure it is valid and to get the current cash value of the card. If the card number is valid the the following screen is displayed.

Purchase Amount Input Screen
Here you enter the purchase amount. The system will not allow a purchase amount larger than the current cash value of the Gift Card. If on the configuration screen you checked print a receipt then one will be printed automatically to be put in the cash drawer for reconciliation at the end of the day.

However if the Card Number is not Valid the the following screen is displayed.

Error Card Not Activated
You may chose to activate the card by pressing yes or not activating by pressing no. If you click YES the following screen will be displayed

Activate this Gift Card.
On this screen we have Quick Dollar amount buttons. The card number is already in the text box so all you need to do is enter the purchase amount. Simply click the buttons and the amount will increase according or you may type in the amount. Click ok when your finished and that it the card is now active. You will notice there is the ability to enter the purchasers information if you want. You could use this information to develop a customer database.

Manager Password
On the configuration screen you may password protect certain features of Gift Master. If you had password protected the activation screen then this password screen will be displayed prior to the activation screen.

Card Data Screen
From this screen you may look up each individual card and see all the purchases associated with it. The screen also give you a report including the current cash value of all outstanding Gift Cards.

Configuration Screen
Here you may change exactly how Gift Master reacts to each individual situation. You also may password protect different functions of Gift Master