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Customer Rewards for Small Business

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Complete System Includes

Quick Rewards

If you want to ...

  • retain your customers
  • and keep them coming back for more
  • while accumulating great marketing data

... then Quick Rewards  is for you.

Quick Rewards is a complete system  used to reward loyal customers for making purchases. Points may be given away based either on dollars spent or as a reward for frequenting your store. You even can give bonus points for purchasing designated products. Because it happens in real-time (instantly), all points are accumulated or redeemed right at the point of sale.  WOW ...customer excitement and no messy and expensive month end statements! Point redemption can done at the point of sale too. When a customer has accumulated the preset number of  points a gift certificate can automatically be printed right on your receipt printer.  But why points? Point programs encourage your customers to use your branded loyalty card   when buying items from you, allowing you to track  their visit frequency and dollars spent.

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 Identify and treat customers uniquely at the point of sale.

 Drive incremental spending - points have a perceived value by the customer.

 Excite your customers. They are instantly reminded of their active point total and new points earned on the purchase

 Point of Sale Fulfillment is Cost Effective. All - in - one -  receipt means no costly monthly statements or annoying junk mail.

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