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Time Clock Screens
The only software you will ever need to track your employees hours.

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Main Operating Screen
This is the screen the employee uses to enter his ID number or swipe his card. After a correct number has been entered the clock in/out screen will appear. From this screen the manager may also access the management functions by entering his password and pressing enter. You may also use touch screen input to capture the data.

Clock in/out screen
Depending on weather the employee is clocked in or clocked out the correct buttons will be active for his/her input. If you track employee tips the employee may click the tips button to enter their tips.

Tips input screen
Using this screen your employee may enter their tips.

Manager Screen
This screen will only appear if the correct manager password is entered. From this screen you are able to access all the management functions.

Employee Data Screen

Time Sheet Screen

Set Up Screen

Who's Clocked In

Edit Hours



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