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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Zregister track commissions?
Yes, You can put in the commission rate you pay each employee, and all commissions can be different. Zregister will track and calculate the commissions for any period of time

Will Zregister track Track My Inventory?
Yes, Zregister will even allow you run a negative inventory which means you can start using Zregister today without entering your current inventory.

Will Zregister run on a network?
Yes, Zregister will run on any number of networked computers however you will need to purchase a license for each computer you have installed  Zregister on.

Will Zregister look up UPC codes not in my database?
Yes, Zregister automatically (if you have this option turned on) look up any UPC code not in your database. An internet connection is required for this function.


Finally, Point of Sale software that affordable for the
small business. Powerful but
simple to use, you'll
have your cashiers trained in minutes. Best of all
Z register learns your inventory automatically.


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