Retail POS Software


The only POS software available in the world that looks up UPC codes not in your database automatically from an internet database with over 5 million items.


Zregister Features

Full-Featured Retail Point of Sale Software.
  • Customer Tracking
    Not only can you make your cash sales, but now with Zregister  you may track the names and e-mail addresses of your customers.
    Inventory Tracking
    With Zregister  you have full inventory control. You know how much you have in stock, what you need to order, and the tools for easily ordering more for your ever growing crowd of loyal customers. Zregister will even run a negative inventory so you can start using it today.

  • Layaways
    Just as easy as a cash sale. If you haven't been doing it because it was so difficult to keep up with the paperwork, then you will find that Zregister  layaways will increase sales and expand your customer base at little or no expense. Zregister even prints up layaway tickets to attach to the merchandise.
  • Supports Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Pole Displays, Barcode Scanners
    We even have a special on a complete system that includes it all.
  • Easy-To-Learn Register Interface
    You can train a new sales clerk how to run Zregister for Windows in just minutes. And you know it will be accurate. You will have a wealth of data and significant information right at your fingertips.
  • Complete Sales And Profit History
    You will know at a glance exactly how profitable your store has been during any given time period. Compare sales by month and year, watch purchasing trends, and cost fluctuations. The more you know, the better you grow!
  • We made it simple!



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