FastPOS will integrate with Xcharge to make your credit card processing easy and fast.

When you swipe a credit card at the point of sale, FastPOS sends the information to the Xcharge server and wait's for the reply. This process is very fast and everything happens automatically. Once the card is approved the information is sent back to FastPOS and your receipt printer will print the following receipts.


FastPOS makes it so easy for the manager to add tips to checks and finalize transaction.

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On the above screen you just click the transaction you want to edit or add a tip to and the screen below will appear.

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Edit the transaction or add the tips then click done -Its that easy ...
* some newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer will size down the picture, mouse over the lower left of the image and a tool will appear allowing you to see the Full Actual Image.

Fast and Easy .........


Single user only $199.95*    * FREE with your FastPOS purchase

Multi user only $299.95*     * FREE with your FastPOS purchase

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More about Xcharge .......

Designed for Windows 95/98/NT and Windows 2000, X-Charge is the latest software offering for merchants from CAM Commerce Solutions. X-Charge provides merchants with a fast and secure payment-processing platform that can be used by any Windows-compatible personal computer. Merchants can use X-Charge as a stand-alone credit card terminal or integrate it with existing POS (Point of Sale) applications. X-Charge authorizes and performs electronic draft capture for all major credit cards. MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) applications are supported via the built-in AVS (Address Verification System) feature that aids in reducing fraudulent charges.

The AVS feature also provides the merchant with lower processing fees since all mandated card data is transmitted to the processing network.


In addition to traditional credit card processing services, X-Charge also supports various check authorization platforms. Through the use of a standard driver's license, X-Charge allows the merchant to participate in Check Guarantee, Check Verification, and Check Recovery services. This provides the merchant with "peace of mind" when accepting checks from customers.

Settlements are simplified through the X-Charge "Time Initiated" feature. X-Charge will automatically settle an existing batch of transactions at a designated time of day or night without any user intervention. Merchants will no longer experience delayed deposits or risk downgrades because of missed or late settlement transmittals. For those merchants requiring greater control, batches may also be settled manually multiple times per day. X-Charge provides all of the necessary features and functionality to allow these types of merchants to assign cash drawer responsibility at an employee/shift level. In addition to providing merchants with a better processing platform versus traditional credit card terminals, X-Charge helps the merchant reduce the expense of accepting credit card payments through the following:

  • All of the required information is transmitted to the card-processing network. This guarantees that the merchant will receive the lowest possible discount rate.
  • Only one phone line is used for multiple stations. This saves the merchant from the expense of multiple phone line installations and monthly phone line usage costs.
  • No complicated programming or updating of terminals is necessary. Merchants do not have to spend valuable time performing tedious programming tasks.
  • Historical transactions are easily accessible through the built-in lookup feature. This helps the merchant reduce chargebacks by allowing them to quickly reference the original receipt.
  • Once a connection to the processing network is established, credit card authorizations can be performed in as fast as 2 seconds!