Star Micronics Receipt Printers

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SP200 Series (Dot Matrix)

The SP200 Series printers are low speed dot matrix printers (2.5 lines per sec.) with built-in Verifone 200 Emulation which are a great solution for POS and credit card authorization terminals. Standard features include a small footprint, semi-automatic paper loading. and MCBF/reliability of 2.5 million lines and a printhead life of 75 million characters. Printers are available in serial or parallel. The SP212 offers single color printing, and the SP216 offers 2 color printing.


  • Dimensions - 6.2"W x 9.2"L x 7.6"H
  • Print Method - Serial Impact 7 Pin Dot Matrix, Bi-Directional Printing
  • Print Format - 42 Colomn Mechanism at 16cpi,
  • Print Speed - Approx. 2.5 Lines/Second
  • Paper Feed Speed - 9 Lines/Second
  • Paper Thickness - .07mm - .10mm, Original + 2 Copies (0.2mm Max)
  • Paper Width - 76mm +/- 0.5mm (3.0")
  • Data Buffer Size - 1 KB
  • Cash Drawer Interface - Peripheral Circuit Supports a Single Cash Drawer and it Auto-Detects a 12v. or 24v. Solenoid
  • Ribbon Type - Cartridge (SP212 Single Color), (SP216 Red & Black)
  • Power Supply - Built-in 120VAC +/-10%, 0.3A 60Hz


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